Local Dev Tools for Mac and Windows

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Local Dev Tools for Mac and Windows

Darragh O'Riordan

A collection of useful, safe, offline utilities for developers

Local dev tools are a collection of safe, offline utilities for developers. You can paste in your company's or client's data safely in to tools like JWT decoding, list sorting and uri encoding.

The tools work offline so you can paste your business data in to them with confidence rather than using random web tools.

The tools work on both Mac and Windows.

14-day free trial

Just download the application and try it out. Buy a license if you find it useful.


Universal (Apple Silicon & Intel) - Download


Intel x64 - Download

Arm 64 - Download

What you get

A Perpetual License

You buy a license and you own the tools forever. No subscriptions for offline tools.

Mac and Windows apps

Local dev tools is universal. You can use the tools on Windows or Mac computers.

6+ Tools by devs, for devs

Useful tools that I built for myself and I use them every day.

1 Year of Updates

You get 1 year of free updates with your license. You can still use the last version forever if your update allowance expires.

Use on all your Computers

Your license is valid for multiple computers. You can use the tools on work and home computers or purchase for a team.

Safe Offline Tools

You can paste your base64, JSON and JWTs with confidence. Stop using random internet sites.

Still not sure?

Feel free to ask me any questions on Twitter: @Darraghor

The Tools

JWT Decoder

Decodes JWTs offline. You'll never have to remember some random cli command or dodgy website.

JSON Escaper

A tool that removes double quotes from JSON strings.

Git Url Converter

If you have many SSH aliases, it can be annoying remembering which one to use and you have to convert the url that github gives you before typing it into the terminal.

Git url converter knows which aliases you have and will convert the url into clone commands.

Base64 Encode/decode

Decode base64 quickly and offline.

Timestamp converter

If you work on global software you will have to deal with localised timestamps, UTC timestamps and Unix timestamps.

The timestamp converter shows you UTC, local time and the difference from now for any ISO8601 timestamp or a Unix timestamp.

Git Project Configurations

If you work on many git projects with many git users, it can be difficult to view and set the configuration for all your repos.

Git project configurations shows you all the git projects on your computer and provides some handy tools to work with git repos.

String Case Converter

A multi-line string case converter

Uri Encoder

An encoder for uri data that correctly works for both full urls and query string parts.

String Sorter

A multi-line string sorter that respects internationalization for your specific locale

Download a free trial


Universal (Apple Silicon & Intel) - Download


Intel x64 - Download

Arm 64 - Download

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